Week 6 – Term 3 2023

Dear parents and carers,


At LIS, through our reading programs we encourage children to read regularly at home. It is important for parents to assist and encourage children to read at home. Here’s why it matters:


  1. Academic Boost: Reading outside of school enhances vocabulary and comprehension, paving the way for better academic performance.
  2. Lifelong Passion: Fostering a reading habit now instills a lifelong love for learning and discovery.
  3. Cognitive Edge: Regular reading sharpens critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills.
  4. Embracing Diversity: Books expose children to diverse cultures, nurturing empathy and understanding.
  5. Concentration Skills: Amid digital distractions, reading improves focus and attention span.
  6. Family Bonding: Shared reading creates special moments for bonding and meaningful conversations.
  7. Igniting Creativity: Books spark imagination, enhancing creativity that extends to all aspects of life.
  8. Stronger Language: Reading enhances language proficiency, benefiting communication skills.


By encouraging reading at home, you’re laying a strong foundation for your children’s success.


Swimming Carnivals


On Thursday of week 8, there will a  junior mini-swimming carnival held during the school day and a carnival for years 3-10 commencing in the late afternoon. Further information about both swimming carnivals will be communicated to parents next week.




Attendance at school is very important. Children need to be at school on time every day to succeed in their learning. We have seen some unnecessary absenteeism and lateness, particularly in the high school. If a child is absent, parents / carers need to email the class teacher or send a note on return to the school.


Independence Day


This year the school will celebrate Independence Day on the last day of school for term 3 – September 14. There will be some special activities to celebrate the day.  Please see the program below.


Term 3 Calendar


Please find the Term 3 Parent Calendar attached below.


If you have any concerns or would like further information on any of the topics in this newsletter, please do not hesitate to make contact with any questions.


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