Week 3 – Term 2 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


Students in years three, five and seven will sit the NAPLAN tests next week. This process involves testing of Mathematics and all aspects of Literacy and forms an important part of our licensing agreement with Education Queensland International. More importantly, NAPLAN provides us with valuable learning data of individual students, student cohorts and a reflection of whole school performance.


NAPLAN complements the existing range of assessment methods we use at Lihir International School and while it is important for students to do their best in these tests, it is also important that they are not overwhelmed by the experience. Due to this, teachers have prepared students for the type of tests they can expect to undertake next week.


School Council


This term’s School Council meeting will be held on Thursday 17th June at 6pm in the 9/10 classroom.


Independence Day


The school Independence Day celebrations will be held next term. In preparation for this yearly event, a committee has been formed to take lead. We are seeking volunteers for this Saturday, 7th of May 2022, to sort the old Independence Day costumes from the storeroom at 10.00am. Please see Mrs. Romaso-Daimol if you would like to assist.


Year 8/9 Camp


Last week the year 8/9 students went on their long awaited camp. I hope everyone enjoys the camp pics and student reports in this Toksave. The students are to be congratulated on their behavior during the week. Thanks to Mr Collins, Ms Yip and Mrs Laien for giving extra time to accompany the students.



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